Range and method of use

INSENOL® is an auxiliary preparation intended for treating rape seed oil plants and peas. It protects against wastage before and during harvesting, the cracking and breaking of siliquas and protects the plant against adverse weather. It creates a semi-permeable layer on the surface of the plant which does not limit the drying out of silquas and seed-pods but simultaneously does limit the penetration of water and damp into the tissue of the plant. Thus it prevents the spontaneous bursting and cracking of the siliquas and seed-pods during ripening and harvesting, thereby ensuring minimal wastage of the treated vegetation.



  • Pulses
  • Winter rape

Manufacturer of the protection preparation:

KLOFÁČ, spol. s r.o., based at Bořitov, Průmyslová 137, 679 21 Černá Hora, Czech Republic

Official registry entry number:


® – the registered trademark of the company KLOFÁČ, spol. s r.o.

Type and amount of active ingredients:

Polyvinyl-pyrrolidon 60 g/l


INSENOL® is a yellow-brown liquid, odourless, easily mixed in water. Classification of the preparation: Unclassified. Hazard warning symbols and their expression in writing: Not required.

Period of use:

24 months from the date of manufacture, if correctly stored at temperatures from +5 °C to +30 °C. A preparation to protect plants whose period of use has expired can be brought to market after a period of 1 year provided it is proven that, on the basis of an analysis of a corresponding sample, its physical and chemical properties correspond to the properties on whose basis permission for the same were granted. A laboratory analysis of the preparation for such a purpose will be secured by the owner of the preparation at an accredited laboratory and the extended period of use must be noted on the packaging of the preparation.


INSENOL® creates a semi-permeable membrane when applied to a plant which allows the drying out of siliquas and seed-pods and their ripening, but does not allow water to penetrate in the opposite direction.

Instructions for use:

INSENOL® is applied as a ground application or an aerial application in dosages of 1.5 litres/ha, diluted in water.

Usage of the application liquid:

250-500 litres of water/ha in ground application.
80-100 litres of water/ha in aerial application.

Preparation of the application liquid:

The auxiliary preparation must be shaken before diluting!

Pour a restrained amount of the INSENOL® auxiliary preparation into the tank of the application equipment to the half filled with water and, continuously stirring, fill with water to the required amount. In case of application together with a desiccant and with glyphosate-based preparations, first pour the desiccant (glyphosate) into the sprayer and only after this has been thoroughly mixed should you add the INSENOL® auxiliary preparation. The prepared liquid must be used immediately; it cannot be stored.

Using a tank – mixes:

The auxiliary preparation can be used in combination with desiccants and preparations based on glyphosates, but always exclusively in accordance with the label of the preparation used for plant protection.

Terms of application:

Rape seed oil:

INSENOL® is to be applied at the time when 50% of siliquas are changing colour from dark green to light green; that is, approximately 3–4 weeks before the anticipated harvest. The latest term of treatment is, then, when the siliquas are yellow but still flexible.


INSENOL® is to be applied at the period when the peas are staring to ripen and the seeds contain 40–50% water. The vegetation is usually yellow, the seed-pods are light green but still flexible and the seeds are already developed and are hard.

Terms of application:

3-4 weeks before harvesting (BBCH 79 – BBCH 89)

Highest number of applications in a year:


INSENOL® is to be stored in its original, undamaged packaging in a dry lockable store out of the reach of children, separated from foodstuffs, feed, fertilizers, disinfectant preparations and packaging from the same and at temperatures of +5°C to +30°C.

Disposal of packaging:

Rinse empty packaging with the water used to prepare the spraying liquid and take the packaging thus cleaned for recycling.

Handle packaging which has not been cleaned in the same fashion as the preparation itself. Dilute any remaining rinsing fluid or sprayer liquid manure in a ratio of 1:5 water and, without the residue, spray it on the treated land; it must not, however, touch ground water sources or surface water containers.

Cleaning the application equipment:

All residual spray liquid manure must be removed immediately after use from the sprayer and its tank.