MicroStim® – Fe

Range and method of use

MicroStim - Fe is a foliar fertilizer with the ability to eliminate latent and apparent iron deficiency.

Iron Fe - 6%
Density 1.3 kg/l
pH 6-8



  • Fruit trees
  • Grapevine
  • Hops
  • Ornamental lawn

MicroStim – Fe is a liquid fertilizer primarily intended for foliar application, but can also be applied to soil, irrigation water or nutrient solution. The fertilizer is designed to correct latent and apparent iron deficiency. Iron has an essential function in a number of enzymatic reactions, serves as an electron carrier in many metabolic processes and is involved in chlorophyll formation. Because of the low mobility of iron in the plant, it is advisable to repeat the spraying periodically. The deficiency is particularly pronounced on alkaline and carbonate soils. Its deficiency is manifested by limited chlorophyll formation in the youngest leaves, which are light green to yellow. Chlorosis affects the entire leaf except for the nervature, which retains its green colour.

The fertilizer does not contain sodium. The accompanying chelate ion is NH4+.


0,5-1,5 l/ha. The fertilizer is intended for foliar application in iron-intensive or iron-deficient crops. The correct application rate should be based on plant and soil analyses, plant sensitivity to possible phytotoxicity and climatic conditions. For doses higher than 1 l/ha it is recommended to split the dose at an interval of 14-21 days.


The fertilizer should be stored in its original packaging, in dry, lockable storage, at a temperature of +7 to +30 °C.


The product is approved for use in organic production in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/848 of the European Parliament and of the Council.